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La Flor Dominicana - Petite La Nox

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In 2015, Tony Gomez, son of La Flor Dominicana cigar company owner Litto Gomez release a new cigar blend. The 6.5 x 50 Toro was named La Nox, which translates to the night from Latin.

Featured with a Cuban seed Brazilian maduro wrapper covering a Mexican San Andres binder and filler tobaccos from the companies Dominican Republic farm. The cigars were also unique with a black round box with magnets instead of hinges.

Fast forward one year and La Flor Dominicana introduces a second vitola with the same blend called the Petite La Nox. The smaller cigar measures 5 x 40 and is sold retail as a 5 pack for $7 each.

The cigar wrapper has an aroma of sawdust, earth, sweet raisins, black pepper, sweet cedar and manure. The cold draw has flavors of cinnamon, dark fruit, yeast, raisins, espresso beans and black pepper.

There is one flavor the La Flor Dominicana Petite La Nox has that is more dominant than the rest. This is namely a rich almond note, followed by flavors of earth, ground coffee, anise, espresso beans, leather and cinnamon. The taste of black pepper is still there on the exhale, balanced with a wonderful taste of maple syrup sweetness.

About half way through the cigar it changes to an interesting cherry sweetness taste that gets stronger as you finish your stogie.

So how does this stogie burn? The construction is excellent with a draw that has the perfect amount of resistance and a draw line that only needs correcting once. Here there is a dense white smoke that produces an earthy oak smell. Just above the medium mark the overall strength is noticed but not it doesn’t overwhelm.

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